Helping people who are homeless

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Since my letter of complaint about lack of action with my calls to the RCMP a couple of weeks ago (Reports to Hope RCMP failing to produce results, Aug. 3, page 7), one concerning a homeless person with a fire going, I was given a good explanation from a citizen saying its basically the laws of the land at fault, not the police. Since then we have had problems in our neighbourhood with a sometimes aggressive homeless person and I received a very enlightening call from a constable to further enlighten me. For one thing, a thousand-plus dollar ticket is ineffective.

On Aug. 22, I spoke with the very diligent Coun. Gerry Dyble who is planning to attend the Union of B.C. Municipalities in September to put forth a request for funding on this “complex issue” as we don’t want an epidemic of homelessness in Hope. I am now more and more cognizant of how hard our District staff in transition housing, our police, etc., work to do the best they can given these laws and lack of funding. We need housing and we need tougher laws but in the meantime Ms. Dyble will request some funding. If you want to help as I do, please email our new Minister of Mental Health, Judy Darcy at judy.darcy.MLA@leg.bc, or call 1-250-952-7623.

Remember these are the people who can help us improve the situation so be polite and show your support for those who work so hard to help the homeless in Hope.

Ruth Renwick