LETTER: Hope RCMP doing great work

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Re: Reports to Hope RCMP failing to produce results by Ruth Renwick (The Standard, Aug. 3, page 7)

First off, I wish to comment that although the national RCMP may or may not be mismanaged, this definitely does not filter down to Hope. In (Hope RCMP detachment commander) Staff Sgt. Karol Rehdner, we are fortunate to have an experienced and very dedicated officer who makes every effort with the tools allowed under the law.

Ms. Renwick, much of your justifiable anger should be redirected to the bleeding-heart lawmakers who in many cases seem to have decided that the needs and so-called rights of society’s fringe have more say than the 99.9 per cent of honest, hardworking and in-the-main, law-abiding citizens.

Case in point we have had a homeless person living close by for the past month. Apparently this has been reported several times to the RCMP and our fire department. In both cases the result has been a big fat zero. We are told — other than “requesting” the man move on, nothing more can be done.

Are we joking here or what? The person is in clear view of everyone using the street including drivers, pedestrians, and of course, visitors to our beautiful town. His bathroom needs are often met right there and he is within a few feet of a heavily-wooded area. One match, one cigarette butt carelessly discarded and Hope could well have its own fire emergency.

If this type of situation is allowed to continue the word will doubtlessly spread that Hope is a soft touch and then the homeless camp floodgates will open.

On the one hand, I am very concerned for the suffering of others less fortunate and our little town is equipped to offer the appropriate help as and when required. But if refused for whatever reason, then why should us, the silent majority, have to put up with the indignities such as people urinating openly in public.

I am a strong advocate for, and supporter of, law and order and have every faith in the RCMP’s policing. They work hard to protect us as best they can, under the law. However, when it comes to vagrants, panhandlers and the like, our police officers should be exerting more and continuing pressure to show undesirables their conduct is not acceptable here and will not be condoned in any form.

Wes Chaulk


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