LETTER: Where is Hope’s MLA?

I find it very disconcerting that our recently elected MLA is still playing the same old tune of disingenuous partisan politics. The fact that she pretends to be concerned about job creation, when during the last four years as an elected MLA her and the Liberal government have done extremely little about creating any family sustaining employment, whatsoever.

They talk about a successful LNG campaign that never even got off the ground, except for one operation in Howe Sound, which is only a drop in the bucket of their $100 billion pipe dream.

In their 16 years of government they never got one pipeline built, yet she now iterates how she so concerned that the new government, and the fiscally conservative Green Party may shut down something that doesn’t even exist.

She’s worried that saner minds will prevail, and put a stop to a fiscally irresponsible project that will sell its product for five times less than it costs to produce.

She has been invited to a number of job creation projects in our very own town of Hope on several occasions since being re-elected, and then not even having the courtesy to respond. If she and the Liberals had any decency, and truly believed in working across party lines to respect the wishes of voters, they would have offered the 60 per cent of constituents who voted for change their wish, instead of their dramatic about face, and denying their own supporters their wishes.

So let the rhetoric begin, that’s all we’ll hear from the Liberals up until the next election, when you can expect them to be decimated by the new and rising BC Conservative Party who deserve to replace them and represent the right wing constituency that the modern Liberal party has abandoned.

Art Green, Hope