LETTER: Reports to Hope RCMP failing to produce results

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I’ve heard that the RCMP are understaffed and mismanaged according to one whistleblower on CBC radio recently — maybe thats why I can’t seem to get the help I’ve requested twice in the past couple of weeks.

Once a tiny poodle type dog was left in a big new truck from Alberta in the midday sun while I went over to the police station and reported it after some concern. All it took was one of the two men I saw in that office to walk across but they all have special jobs so that couldn’t happen. I went back and waited out of sight and altogether over a 15 minute period that dog was in the hot sun with no windows open enough to stop it from turning into an oven.

They returned and there had been plenty of time for the police to come and at least give a warning. I wasn’t impressed.

Another evening I went to Save-On-Foods and smelled the distinct smell of a wood fire over the overpass along Water Avenue so I did the same thing, I reported it immediately on the phone to the office on the Old Hope Princeton Way. I then went shopping after describing that it was above the overpass where I smelled it wafting up and behind the Station House. I guess they took my word for it, went to the Station House and that was that, although I had told her it was above the overpass when I was on Water Avenue that I smelled it.

I called again when I got home as I smelled it and looked down as I drove the overpass and there was a man with a dog and a pup along the train tracks — she was very nice and said she would go again.

I am not impressed with the standard of policing in Hope. I never see them on the streets and would like to see more active on the streets policing.

Surrey just hired more police. Why cant we have a few constables on the beat?

Ruth Renwick


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