LETTER: Where’s the information on fire preparedness?

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Send your letters to news@hopestandard.com.

Anyone nervous? Coughing or having trouble breathing? We are. With the B.C. forest fire situation, and the fact that we in Hope live on the edge of forest lands, we can’t help thinking — it could be us!

At no time during these last several weeks have we heard or read anything about the dangers we could face if fate should decide. Nothing about fire preparedness from the fire department, the mayor or council, or even this newspaper. If something is on the Internet, we didn’t see it when we looked. Anyway, with so many senior citizens living here, have they seen it? Are they online?

We are talking about things like an evacuation plan “in case,” and an emergency list of things to take — wallet/purse, valuables, insurance policy, photo albums, special mementos, important medications, contact names and phone numbers, to just name a few. Having a supply of bottled water stashed away somewhere handy, another. People possibly wouldn’t have much time to gather these things if told to evacuate. Does Hope have a publicized evacuation plan “in case?” As the Boy Scouts say “Be Prepared!”

Gordon and Eileen Shepherd


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