Emory Creek

Great hiking, fishing and camping opportunities

  • Apr 1st, 2013


There are few regions that offer the variety of river trips available in Hope and the Fraser Canyon

  • Apr 1st, 2013

Hope Slide

The largest landslide in Western Canada is located 16 kilometres east of Hope on Highway 3

  • Apr 1st, 2013
Best dressed: Hudson's Bay Co. unveils kit for Pyeongchang Olympics


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      How Canada could play a role in planned lunar space station


        REPLAY: This week in B.C. in video


          Historic Christ Church

          One of the oldest operating churches in British Columbia

          • Apr 1st, 2013


          Where the Thompson's clear blue water joins the muddy water of the Fraser

          • Apr 1st, 2013

          Parks and gardens

          Downtown Hope offers several places to enjoy the outdoors

          • Apr 1st, 2013


          The region has plenty of lakes, rivers and streams

          • Apr 1st, 2013

          HBC Trail

          The historic route was originally a First Nations trail used for hunting and east-west trade

          • Apr 1st, 2013

          Family fun and fitness

          Hope is brimming with recreational facilities suitable for everyone

          • Apr 1st, 2013


          Here are four swimming holes that are popular with the locals

          • Apr 1st, 2013

          Discover Hope and beyond

          To view the full digital version, visit or check out the Experience Hope Facebook page

          • Apr 1st, 2013

          Local arts scene

          The works of many talented artists are displayed at the Hope Arts Gallery

          • Apr 1st, 2013

          Boston Bar and North Bend

          Two cross-river communities steeped in history

          • Apr 1st, 2013

          Skagit Valley Provincial Park

          Camping, hiking, swimming, canoeing and kayaking are permitted in this park

          • Apr 1st, 2013

          Neighbours to the west of Hope

          The wide range of nearby attractions are a daytrippers' paradise

          • Apr 1st, 2013

          Highway Thru Hell

          In addition to the TV series, over 15 productions have been filmed in this area

          • Apr 1st, 2013

          Faces of Hope: Ernest Murakami

          His passion and interest in Lyme Disease began in 1994, with his first two cases in Agassiz and Hope

          • Mar 6th, 2013

          Faces of Hope: Hans Jeschek

          He has earned the respect of his peers through his volunteer work and strong dedication to his community

          • Feb 14th, 2013

          Faces of Hope: Susan Johnston

          A resident of the community for over 25 years, she's dedicated to helping the community flourish

          • Jan 10th, 2013

          Faces of Hope: Hideo (Ed) Araki

          Hope has greatly benefited from his volunteer work and contributions to the community

          • Dec 5th, 2012