New AdvantageHOPE executive director Patrick Earl (left) stands beside board chair Anna Gladue, who introduced him to council on Sept. 11. Outgoing executive director Tammy Shields stands behind. (X. Y. Zeng photo)

Council: changes in AdvantageHOPE, Rambo, Film co-op

District of Hope council met on Sept. 11.

District of Hope council met on Sept. 11 to discuss several topics.

Rambo 35th celebrations

Mark your calendars for the Oct. 7 event to commemorate the 35th anniversary of First Blood.

Hope Visitor Centre counsellor Brian McKinney presented to council about the event, saying that visitors worldwide will be coming to the event.

McKinney said he sensed indifference among Hope residents about the film, but highlighted that the film is still very popular among tourists, as seen by people congregating on the corner of Third Avenue and Wallace Street. He also said one of the most popular inquiries at the visitor centre is about First Blood.

“Hold back on the eyeball rolling just for a day or so and welcome, of course, the fans that are coming into our community,” he said.

He said there will not be any traffic interruptions, and that Wallace Street, around the Hope Cinema, will see a makeover. Vehicles used in the movie will be parked near there.

McKinney said they have sent an invite to Sylvester Stallone’s agency, but have not received a reply.

AdvantageHOPE’s new executive director

AdvantageHOPE board chair Anna Gladue introduced Patrick Earl, who will take over from Tammy Shields as the executive director. Gladue introduced Earl as coming from Three Hills, Alta., a town of 3,212 between Red Deer and Calgary.

“There’s going to be some overlap until the end of the month so that Patrick can pick up where Tammy has left off and he brings some great enthusiasm, so I’m sure everybody will formally welcome Patrick to our crew,” said Gladue.

Film co-operative

Chief administrative officer John Fortoloczky informed council that he cannot advise an official endorsement of the Hope and Lower Fraser Canyon Film Cooperative (HLFCFC) yet.

The co-operative would need to work out how they would stay financially stable, other than selling shares. They also need to work out how they will fit into existing systems in permitting and attraction of films. Currently, those are the responsibilities of the District of Hope and AdvantageHOPE respectively, and Fortoloczky would like to know what the HLFCFC’s role would be.

Council passed a motion that staff will continue working with the co-operative and report back when endorsement is advisable.

Dyble’s last year

“I look forward to the final year on council,” said Coun. Gerry Dyble. “Some folks will continue to run, I do know that I will not run in the next election.”