Traffic blocked on Spuzzum bridge after accident

After a truck jackknifed Saturday, the Trans-Canada Highway was closed briefly at the site of the accident

Traffic blocked on Spuzzum bridge after accident

Trans-Canada Highway traffic was held up after a truck jackknifed south of Spuzzum on the Spuzzum bridge, Saturday afternoon.

Spuzzum is roughly 40 km outside of Hope, and was impacted by snowy conditions. Eyewitnesses reported that conditions were dicey, which could have contributed to the crash.

The truck was located at the edge of the bridge, as emergency crews worked diligently to relieve the unharmed driver from the site of the crash.

Emergency crews stayed until after 8 p.m., when the road was reopened again for single lane traffic. The bridge has been known to be toublesome for trucks, and reportedly a driver was killed in 2010.