BC VIEWS: Big Brother’s coming to city hall

Premier Christy Clark and minister Peter Fassbender turn their attention to CUPE contracts, police wages and city hall executive pay

BC VIEWS: How not to run your city

Stunts and waste by Victoria councillors obscure a more serious matter, the influence of CUPE on municipal bargaining

BC VIEWS: The state rescues your retirement (with VIDEO)

Liberals' expansion of Canada Pension Plan is modest, but it comes at a price and discourages individual responsibility

Rambo turns 35, Hope celebrates famous locale


    Sisters in Spirit vigil in Hope BC


      Orange Shirt Day Hope BC


        Pete Ryan's memorial bench to TK


          BC VIEWS: BC promotes poverty and crime

          Premier Christy Clark will likely make poverty and housing an election issue, but her government's approach is flawed

          Exclusive op-ed: Outgoing head of B.C.’s civilian-led police watchdog asks for more support

          Richard Rosenthal, who ends his term as the head of the Independent Investigations Office next week, has this message for government.

          • Sep 2nd, 2016

          BC VIEWS: The roots of our ‘homeless’ crisis

          It's an epidemic of 'mental health and addictions,' says housing minister Rich Coleman, not just bad behaviour in a welfare state

          BC VIEWS: B.C. fails to save the planet

          Premier Christy Clark isn't going into next year's election with a promise to jack up Canada's only significant carbon tax

          BC VIEWS: Premier Red Green’s fast fixes

          Premier Christy Clark has pulled out the duct tape to fix up rural schools, school buses and the minimum wage

          BC VIEWS: Missing women inquiry pre-determined

          Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett's position boils down to blaming racist, indifferent cops

          BC VIEWS: Real estate tax increases windfall

          Finance Minister Mike de Jong found an extra half billion from property transfer tax last year, with much more to come

          LETTER: U.S. foundations protecting salmon

          Representative of Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation says it doesn't support efforts to stop oil and gas development

          • Jul 28th, 2016

          BC VIEWS: Housing ‘crisis’ decades in the making

          Expo 86, and later the Vancouver Olympics, were designed to put B.C. and Vancouver on the world map

          BC VIEWS: Tree-spikers cling to Lelu Island

          Who's behind Prince Rupert anti-LNG protest camp? A father, his son, and their U.S. foundation backers [WITH VIDEO]

          BC VIEWS: The great campground crisis explained

          Are commercial operators scalping public campsites to foreign tourists and leaving B.C. folks out in the cold? Not exactly.

          BC VIEWS: Politicians herded on housing

          Justin Trudeau's new housing minister resumes the Liberal Ottawa tradition of meddling in provincial jurisdiction

          BC VIEWS: Heavy weather events aren’t new

          Premier Christy Clark exploits another natural disaster, this time the latest flood damage to northeast B.C.

          Biosolids recycling a concern for citizens

          More on the potential 'Clean Technology' facility for Hope

          • Jun 23rd, 2016

          ZYTARUK: What to do this summer? Maybe jump into Tomslake…

          Do the folks in Katz get along with the folks in Dog Creek?

          • Jun 22nd, 2016

          BC VIEWS: Decoding politically correct terms

          What does 'progressive' mean these days? How about 'inequality' or 'social justice'?

          • Jun 18th, 2016

          BC VIEWS: The shape of an NDP government

          John Horgan has confirmed the party's position on restricting political donations, bringing in real estate speculation tax