BC VIEWS: Borrow and spend best for B.C.?

Justin Trudeau wants to make deficits cool, and Thomas Mulcair was punished for wanting to balance the budget. Next up, John Horgan

BC VIEWS: ‘Climate action’ charade continues

Premier Christy Clark rushed by the Justin Trudeau government to come up with a new greenhouse gas plan

LETTER: Where are jobs for apprentices?

Pre-apprentice graduates are having trouble finding work after training in B.C. schools, grandparent says

  • May 30th, 2016
Rambo turns 35, Hope celebrates famous locale


    Sisters in Spirit vigil in Hope BC


      Orange Shirt Day Hope BC


        Pete Ryan's memorial bench to TK


          BC VIEWS: Harper-style ads carry on here

          'Canada's Strongest Economy' ads tout balanced budget, just like Premier Christy Clark's speeches

          BC VIEWS: A bitter election year begins

          NDP will focus on corporate donations and environment, B.C. Liberals play economy card that worked in 2013

          BC VIEWS: Growing trees for climate change

          Pine beetle-damaged forests are recovering quickly, in part because of warmer temperatures and increased carbon dioxide

          BC VIEWS: Global warming industry cries wolf, again

          Premier Christy Clark joins those selecting every possible incident to blame exclusively on human-caused carbon dioxide emissions

          BC VIEWS: If you go out in the woods today

          B.C. conservation officers kept busy with illegal fishing, hunting, campfires and bears as summer approaches

          BC VIEWS: The NDP’s great leap backward

          Leap Manifesto is a betrayal of Alberta premier Rachel Notley, and a millstone around John Horgan's neck

          BC VIEWS: Making treaties in under 600 years

          Governments seeking ways to settle aboriginal land claims more quickly, says Aboriginal Relations Minister John Rustad

          BC VIEWS: Why so cheap with the poor?

          Despite their frequent demands for more, no one should understand them better than the B.C. NDP

          BC VIEWS: Budget doesn’t balance itself

          Justin Trudeau government plans to add more than $100 billion to the national debt, and most of it isn't for infrastructure

          BC VIEWS: Alternatives to drug ghettos

          Rich Coleman expands supports for street drug addicts where they gather, instead of offering them a way out

          BC VIEWS: Welcome to B.C., freeloaders

          Word is out across the country, if you want handouts and housing, no questions asked, the West Coast is best

          BC VIEWS: Premiers do the carbon shuffle

          Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declares victory, George W. Bush-style, as premiers reject his promised national carbon price

          BC VIEWS: Bowing to the power of judges

          From 'medical' marijuana to 'assisted' dying, courts have free hand to tell the Justin Trudeau government what to do

          BC VIEWS: Take MSP off life support

          Premier Christy Clark and Finance Minister Mike de Jong claim that medical fees send message that health care isn't free

          Re: Article on development plans

          Developer gives misleading impression that necessary approvals for a multi-use development have been granted

          • Feb 18th, 2016

          BC VIEWS: Housing czar defends drug ghettos

          Housing Minister Rich Coleman brushes off criticism of shelters and 'low barrier' housing for drug-addicted street people

          BC VIEWS: Protesters fear peace in woods

          Greenpeace-ForestEthics tactic of organizing boycotts is good for international fundraising, bad for poor people