The Fraser Valley Regional District wants to know how residents want to have organic waste collection implemented. They are conducting an online survey.

FVRD hosts survey about organic waste collection

Hope residents will have to sort out organic waste come 2018.

The Fraser Valley Regional District will implement organic waste management in 2018 and is seeking input on how communities would like that implemented.

The online two-minute survey asks residents in the FVRD how they would like to see the implementation of a green bin which residents, businesses and institutions will use to collect compost such as kitchen scraps.

“This is happening. It’s not a question of whether or not there’s going to be new sorting requirements, but how can we best serve people in making it easier for them?” said FVRD communications manager Jennifer Kinneman.

Abbotsford and Mission currently collect residential curbside organic waste, while Chilliwack will implement their program next year. Hope does not have such a program.

“In Hope, it’s going to be a big change, because they’re not, at present, doing curbside collection of organics,” said Kinneman. “In Abbotsford, for example, it would not be that big of a change … but where the change will be experienced is for businesses. So, businesses would now be required to have that three-bin system.”

Kinneman said the FVRD will start the education campaign in 2018, and will use the survey’s results to give them an indication of how much time to spend on each phase.

The survey lists three phases: public awareness, starting green-bin sorting and monitoring.

In addition, Kinneman said they will consult with businesses and find out “how do they want to be consulted with? How can we make this transition easier for them and what information do they need so that they can be effective in recycling the waste that comes out of their operation.”

Enforcement would begin after these phases, likely to be 12-18 months from the start of the first phase.

“We’re trying to give people options, so that we’re best serving them in terms of how to roll this out,” said Kinneman.

Kinneman said by diverting organic waste, the FVRD would be able to extend the life of landfills.

“In Abbotsford, they have a composting facility there, that takes all of those organic material and turns it into compost that can be used in gardens or commercial use,” said Kinneman.

“The new regional requirements are going to try to get some consistency across the board, so all areas have the same opportunities to reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill,” said Kinneman. “So much of that material that is going to landfills, doesn’t need to go to landfill.”

The survey can be taken at before the end of September.