Year: 2015

STEPHENSON, Kevin DonaldKevin Stephenson passed away on December 29, 2015 at the…

Wire Service / December 29, 2015

Hydro, ICBC, MSP fees up in 2016
Premier Christy Clark's government has intervened in BC Hydro and car insurance rates, medical premiums up 40 per cent since 2010

Tom Fletcher / December 28, 2015

BROOKES, Arthur F.Mr. Art Brookes of North Bend, BC passed away on…

Wire Service / December 25, 2015

Letters welcomed
Looking forward to more refreshing letters with "real approach"

Wire Service / December 22, 2015

Chirstmas Memories
Members of the Hope community share their best, happiest or funniest holiday memories

Wire Service / December 22, 2015

Party accolades
A letter of thanks to activities coordinators at the Fraser Hope Lodge

Wire Service / December 22, 2015

Service a fine tribute
Funeral service for Ron McInnes was a pleasure and a fitting tribute

Wire Service / December 22, 2015