District proposes new development fees

A drafty bylaw will be presented to council on Jan. 9

Council is considering dozens of new development charges in an effort to save taxpayers money.

District departments have recommended 34 fees for various permits and services currently provided by the district.

“If we don’t charge those who are actually creating the work, it is picked up by taxpayers,” said town manager Earl Rowe.

“We take into account hourly staff rates and time taken, and then try to position our rates so we are competitive enough, but to not discourage developers from wanting to do business with us.”

The proposed fees are currently charged in other municipalities to reflect the staff time taken to deal with requests and applications related to development proposals, building permits and bylaw amendments.

The district expects the rate changes to yield a revenue increase in the area of $10,000 annually.

A draft bylaw will be presented to council on Jan. 9.