Positive experiences leave lasting impression

Each customer, visitor, and interaction provides an opportunity to offer a positive experience worthy of repeating

Wes Bergmann


Whether in a business, or within a community, our experience of it creates an impression.

Each customer, visitor, and interaction provides an opportunity to offer a positive experience worthy of repeating. There are many factors that contribute to a person’s experience of a place.

It begins with what they see upon arrival, continues with how they are greeted by businesses and residents, and concludes with an assessment as to whether or not, and to what degree, their needs were met through their experience.

With our busy tourist season now in full swing, it is important to ensure that we leave a positive impression on our visitors from both near and far.

Research reveals that people share their experiences with others and share their negative experiences with almost twice as many people as their positive ones.

We can get these statistics working to our advantage by ensuring people have good things to say about Hope. Putting our best face forward and being the best ambassadors for Hope that we can be are two great ways to accomplish this. When we do these things, we contribute to the success of our community and enhance its enjoyment for everyone.

Many of the preparations are complete or well underway.

Many of our local businesses and service providers have spruced up their establishments, and our District of Hope crews are doing their part to beautify our community. The wonderful volunteers at Communities in Bloom have done a terrific job again this year, and a number of other groups are engaged in activities that enhance our town.

There are many things that we, as residents, can do as well. Something as little as a smile, a friendly hello, or an offer to take a picture goes a long way toward making our visitors feel welcome and special. Guiding people with directions, asking them about their journey, and sharing ideas about some of the great things they can do while visiting are other possibilities. Maintaining our yards and gardens, and picking up and disposing of garbage we notice will help keep our town looking its best at all times.

When we take pride in our community it shows, and people will talk about it.

Let’s work together to make a positive, lasting impression that keeps them coming back, telling family, friends, colleagues, and other travellers great things about us, and possibly staying.

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Wes Bergmann is board chair of AdvantageHOPE, Hope’s economic development agency. AdvantageHOPE is located at 325 Wallace St. For more information, call 604-860-0930 or email info@advantagehope.ca