Bike Park crew returns to Hope

Volunteers are urgently need for the completion of the final stages of Hope's new Bike Park.

Volunteers help to complete the 'wall ride' at Hope's new Bike Skills Park. The help of the public is urgently needed to finish construction

Volunteers help to complete the 'wall ride' at Hope's new Bike Skills Park. The help of the public is urgently needed to finish construction

Hope’s new Bike Park is nearing the final stages of completion and the people of Hope are needed to help get it across the finish line.

Initial funding was slated to cover the entire construction costs of two pump tracks and a wall ride.

It’s evident when driving past the construction site, there are dozens of skill-building elements that are roughed in.

In fact, when finished, it will be one of the largest bike parks in the Lower Mainland.

The Bike Park’s design and construction is currently being overseen by world class professional park builder Jay Hoots.

The Hoots crew returned to Hope on Tuesday, May 19th. The roughed-in elements that will be finished and made rideable for the kids of Hope this summer are largely dependent on the breadth of additional funding and volunteer labour than can be committed to over the next four weeks.

The project needs volunteers every day to solidfy its completion, according to officials.

“We hope people will sign up and join us, even for two hours if they can,” said Stephanie Hooker of Pathway Partners. “The more volunteer labour we have available — the more we can stretch our precious construction dollars.”

Interested individuals are encouraged to arrive at the Coquihalla River Picnic Area parking lot to participate. There will be a 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. shift, followed by a 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. shift every day, which began on Tuesday, May 19th.

Volunteers will be overseen by Hope Mountain Centre and the Hoots Crew.

For more information please call Kelly Pearce at 604-869-3745, or just arrive at the park for the specified work schedule. If you have a set of work gloves, or a rake and a shovel, please bring those along.

The volunteers in charge of fundraising for the project would like to encourage local residents and businesses to support the project. All the money donated in its honour, will be held in a special account at the District of Hope with 100 per cent of contributions going to the project.

All contributions will receive a tax receipt and substantial donations will be immortalized on the site.

If you are interested in donating,  please visit the front desk at District Hall, or contact Stephanie at 604-206-1234 for more information.

“The Bike Park will be a game changer for the kids of Hope — it will get kids active and into nature, while teaching them the skills and confidence they need to tackle Hope`s more technical biking trails — from little push bikes to advanced riders, there will be something for everyone,” said Ms. Hooker.

The Bike Park is one component of the Coquihalla River Community Park Project, a community-driven effort to renovate an under-utilized municipal property, located between the Coquihalla River and Kawkawa Lake Road.

There are four main goals for the project: improve the Event Bowl and seating area; enhance the Skateboard Park; build accessible walking trails in the forest and construct a mountain bike skills park, specifically designed for all ages and skill levels.

Volunteers in conjunction with the District of Hope, secured initial funding from a provincial recreation grant.

Tri-West Contracting will be in charge of the construction component, with several stakeholder groups contributing to  labour, materials and donations.

The group has spent the initial grant money and over-achieved on every goal, completing work valued at $2 million, while spending just over $500,000.