Eleven chainsaw artists competing in Memorial Park

The event runs Thursday to Sunday.

Prepare to meet 11 of the best carvers from around Canada and the United States in Memorial Park.

The four-day Chainsaw Carving Competition has started this morning, where carvers are currently doing blocking. Hope Communities in Bloom chairperson Victor Smith explained that “blocking” refers to carvers cutting big chunks of the wood.

“That’s probably the hardest working day because they have the big saws and all that — make all the major cuts and they also decide on what their piece is going to be,” said Smith.

On Friday, the carvers will start fleshing out their artwork.

“You can see what they’ve got, what they’ve decided on and they’re working at finishing the pieces and add-ons,” said Smith.

From Friday to Sunday, there will also be an optional event which carvers can participate in. Called “speed carving,” the event allows carvers two hours to carve something that will be auctioned off at the end of the event.

“Speed carving is fun,” said Smith. “It’s amazing what those guys can do.”

Smith added that some carvers might not want to participate because they might want to spend time on their main carvings.

“When you see the carvers, you’ll see why,” said Smith. “Some guys are really fast and others take longer.”

The event will end on Sunday, where they will host an auction of the designated large carvings. By noon, the carvers must have finished their artwork and coat-sealed it.

“That’s when we have people usually from out-of-province come to bid on it,” said Smith. “We also get people from Alberta and Washington come.”

On Saturday and Sunday, there will also be voting for the fan favourite. The carver voted as the fan favourite will receive $1,000.

Saturday will be the busiest day with First Nations artists, Hope Mountain Market and kids’ activities. Mayor Wilfried Vicktor, MLA Jackie Tegart and MP Mark Strahl will attend the 11 a.m. welcome, according to Smith. The Great Fraser Salmon BBQ will also go on alongside this event.

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Victor Smith (right) at the Big Bear carving in Memorial Park. (Hope Standard file photo)