Rock and Roll is here to stay

Emcee Michael McLoughlin (l) in his “White Sports Coat and a Pink Carnation congratulates with Best Dressed finalists Shirlee McLellan

They rocked and they rolled the night away at the Hope Station House 1950s dinner show, last Saturday, May 21.

The ‘50s retrospective included a brief look back at significant events of the decade including items from politics, business, sports, and religion.  

When the evening was conceived of several months ago the ‘50s were thought to be a “happier, simpler, nicer time” with less of today’s problems. After some research though, the restrospective showed a much different view, with striking similarities to today. 

The ‘50s started with the Korean war… and we are at war now in Afganistan. The early ‘50s had some of the worst flooding in years… and just look at the news today.  On a happier note royalty was in the spotlight as Queen Elizabeth was coronated, and here today we just had the royal ‘wedding of the century’. 

But the major focus of the evening was the arts, including styles, food, and especially the popular music of the era.

Through it all we are reminded that life is often what we make of it, and we all had great fun Saturday night. It turns out that the happy memories of a simpler time that started this event months ago are the memories that are the strongest to survive.