Several local sponsors have jumped on board with the trail kiosk project for Hope Lookout Trail. From left to right

Trail kiosk given green light

Advantage Hope is still looking for sponsors for local kiosk project

Enough funding is now in place to move forward with the construction of a new kiosk for the Hope Lookout Trail.

Envision Financial and Toy’s Pharmacy have signed on as major sponsors, contributing $1,500 each towards the project. McDonald’s Hope, Webco Mill Supply and Hope Signcrafters have also committed to providing annual funding for regular trail and kiosk maintenance by the Hope Mountain Centre. Sponsorship supplies half of the necessary funding for the project, with the remainder provided by the province through a Community Tourism Opportunities grant.

“The kiosk is in a key location in our community where you get a lot of traffic. It’s pretty awesome exposure for sponsors,” said Tyler Mattheis, executive director of Advantage Hope. “It will start to build a common look and feel of infrastructure in the town. We want to get away from these one-off projects and start working towards a common theme.”

The kiosk will profile both community and regional trails, and look similar to the public bus shelter at Memorial Park. Sponsors have been involved in the design of the structure, which will be incorporated into the district’s park plan to ensure long-term sustainability. Local builders Justin Brown and Dan Pereda are constructing the kiosk with the help of mapper Anders Hopperstead.

A kiosk for Rotary Trails is also in the works. Future signs on other popular trails and sites will likely be planned next year, as funding allows. Mattheis said there’s still sponsorship opportunities for both the Hope Lookout and Rotary Trail kiosk projects.

For more information, contact Advantage Hope at 604-860-0930.