Exhibit features senior art students

Budding artists express their creativity and ideas at Hope Arts Gallery in April

Sara Lesztak


The creative vitality of budding artists from Hope Secondary School will take centre stage at the Hope Arts Gallery in April.

Kristen Brown, Autumn Clark, Isabella Dagnino, Cassidy Harasin, Arianna Izawa, Georffey Karps, Brad Kohlman, Kelsey Luinge, Connor Millward, Nicole, Riddell, Laurana Teerink, and  Sammy Vernon have worked not only on class projects, but also on their individual challenges.

Painting, drawing, lino cut, etching, and screen print were chosen as the main media for expressing their creativity and ideas.

“It is my core belief that art is not just the stuff that we make with our hands,” said Chris Janzen, who is coordinating the event Senior Studio Art. “Art is a way of thinking: it allows us to express ideas, ask questions and process information and the world around us.”

The back room exhibit at Hope Arts Gallery runs throughout April, with an artists reception on April 5 from 7-9 p.m. Refreshments will be served.

Hope Arts Gallery is located at 349 Fort St.