New art exhibit blends different styles and media

Jenny Wolpert is teaming up with Greta Smith for "Memory Images Reality”

Jenny Wolpert will be showcasing her artwork at the Hope Arts Gallery with Greta Smith in “Memory Images Reality.”

Sara Lesztak


A kaleidoscope of style and media will be featured in the Hope Arts Gallery Back Room Aug. 31 to Sept. 28.

Jenny Wolpert and Greta Smith present “Memory Images Reality,” a powerful collection of acrylic painting, encaustic work, mixed media, cold oil and wax work, pottery, and digital painting.

Wolpert’s dynamic creativity draws from 30 years of Hope’s rich natural and social environment.

“Creating art is a way of questioning and defining what we believe that we know, what we see, and what we feel,” she said. “As time changes memory, so does transmuting memory into an artistic image.”

Smith, using mixed media, draws from her work in Bowen Island for transition houses. She expresses her awareness of women’s roles in the world.

“The artwork I have been creating starts from a place of memory that also encompasses the telling of a story,” said Smith. “It is important to me to feel that the work is also grounded in a reality that makes sense to me.”

Enjoy exploring what they consider their “adventure in art” at Hope Arts Gallery, 349 Fort Street. The reception is Aug. 31, from 7-9 p.m. Refreshments will be served.