(Lachlan Labere/Salmon Arm Observer)

(Lachlan Labere/Salmon Arm Observer)

Drivers need to slow down and pay more attention

Kawkawa Lake Rd and 6th Avenue crossing quite dangerous for pedestrians


In the last three years, I have had many near fatal accidents at the crossing of Kawkawa Lake Road and Sixth Avenue.

Recently I was crossing, being very alert and watching a car driving at a tremendous speed. The woman driving, she looked neither right or left and passed within a foot of me.

The passengers in a car driving behind her threw up their hands (four in the car) in shock and commiseration. I had a man stop me and tell me he had had four near accidents in recent months at the same location.

I sincerely hope that this particular crossing should have a flashing light or something to attract drivers’ attention before there is a fatal accident!

Carol Chaulk

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