Goodbye, Hope!

Worker says goodbye to community that welcomed him openly


A full-time courier driver for Hope residents, and others I served in the past 10 months with about 10,000 packages going through me with timely deliveries, transparency, integrity and results that cannot be transplanted nor matched by another; you are a treasure trove of quality people.

Despite having an unmatched record, I am laid off due to alleged work shortages. Special thanks to unsolicited eight clients calling in praising my work to UPS, etc. wow!

I convey thanks to both residents and businesses who showed me unanimous support. A single complaint never stuck, which is unheard of in this industry and few veteran drivers get a single “high-5” pat on the back.

A former educated lawman, I protected a business to the elation of the owner, city hall staff, and a Mountie. Female grounds staff witnessed with proof, and I eceived an email thanks. Furthermore, 911 calls were made to report a fire engulfed Jeep Wrangler in 2018 (peak smoky fire season) near St. Elmo Road, and two weeks ago, reported a tractor trailer plowing into the snow bank 1 km east of Popkum.

The Christmas cards, other gifts, several work written (unsolicited) job references, friendships, and more are etched in my story. I chose this route, and the results cannot be replicated by another driver or courier company as residents stated. Despite an exhaustive workload that surpasses normalcy, and countless missed breaks, I did my best.

This letter is really a tribute to Hope who deserve their accolades including the RCMP, CSVE (Hunter Creek), city hall and others. Despite the support, this is not to garner sympathy but to show class, pride and respect similar to my Christmas cards peppering your area and returned courtesies in saying goodbye. We share a bond, and we all will feel the void. The next chapter will hopefully be better, but friendships and respect lasts.

Hope has surpassed my expectations with a small nestled satellite community with big hearts. Don’t confuse arrogance with the truth, the latter cannot be smothered nor ignored, you guys rock!

Kerwin Maude