LETTER: PM’s gun ban ‘reeks of dictatorship’

LETTER: PM’s gun ban ‘reeks of dictatorship’


Mr. Pavick, in his letter to the editor (Hope Standard, May 14), is missing the main message that MP Strahl was trying to put across.

The problem with the “Trudeau Regulation” a.k.a “Law” banning 1,500 assault weapons in Canada is not the banning of the weapons, but the side-stepping of parliament to ban the weapons.

This undemocratic move by our PM reeks of dictatorship. I would expect this more from President Putin or Supreme Leader Kim of North Korea.

PM Trudeau, like his father Pierre Elliott Trudeau (PET), does not like to work with a democratically voted in Opposition.

PET promoted hatred between the French and English Canadians, and so the October Crisis of 1970 happened and so it is with Justin Trudeau promoting hatred between the special interest groups of today (there are too many to list).

It is sad that the mass killing in Nova Scotia happened, but with all illegally obtained guns.

Even though, one mass shooting in Canada is one too many, this “Trudeau regulation” is a knee-jerk reaction to two mass shootings in 40 years. Where do these Trudeau regulations end?

All Canadians should be very concerned about the Canadian democratically elected parliament being swept aside and a dictatorship regulated-in in its place.

Canadians, please do not allow your attention to be misdirected to President Trump and U.S.A politics and keep your attention on Ottawa and Prime Minister Trudeau.

Bruce Rudy

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