Camera Reviews – Should You Buy It or Cheap System?

Protect your property today with Vallant security camera, easy set up, and affordable price. Please find out how to use it.

Crimes have progressively increased all over the world. And the worse news is that the offenders generally leave very little trace of their actions. People are scared every day as a result of this because they are confused about how to get safeguarded.


Valiant security camera is the solution here. It will help you have peace of mind when away from your warehouse, family, business, or house. Vallant Security Camera, among other cameras, is used to monitor all activities that take place both indoors and outdoors.

Even at night, these cameras accurately track any motion around them. People feel very secure, and their minds rest when they use this product. Because it is connected to the power produced inside a light socket, users won’t require batteries.

Customers will not need to adjust the gadget manually because reconnection is automatic if the light goes out. Simply plug-and-play. The Vallant Security Camera has a lightbulb-like design. Given its unusual shape, there is less chance that someone will mistake it for a security camera right away, which makes it secure.

Also, every recording is kept on an easily removable 64GB SD card rather than stored online in an album.

How To Use It

The Vallant Security Camera may be configured and put to use in just a few minutes. The user must download the Vallant Security app into his phone and put the camera into any light bulb socket. The camera comes with a detailed instruction manual that is simple to understand and helps to fully utilize the camera.

Every purchase of a Vallant Security Camera comes with a QR code. To download the Vallant security application using your mobile gadget, scan the barcode. Then the user can proceed to the installation of the software.

This app will be very useful because it will bring the actual data to the user’s disposal.

Customers can manage every aspect of this device’s recording via the downloaded app. The user may turn the camera 360 degrees and make it look left, right, up, and down.

The camera features a built-in motion light that provides the greatest views imaginable. This device will allow users to communicate with whoever is on the other side using a vocal intercom system, unlike some security systems that allow users to watch the camera. Users of this system can also listen in on what is happening in the region being seen to better understand what is happening.

When electricity is cut off, the Vallant Security Camera goes out of commission. The Vallant will turn back on, resume recording activities as usual, and switch back on as soon as power is restored to the house. Vallant Security Camera is used outside of the home as well.

Customers can install it anywhere because it comes with all the required installation tools (including the camera holder), which includes their homes, offices, warehouses, and vacation destinations. This gadget functions in each place to give consumers peace of mind while they’re away without compromising their surroundings’ security. Users can install this camera anywhere they like and connect over WiFi to ensure the connection will work from that location.

The image quality is very good as the camera captures video in 720p resolution, which displays clearly on your phone or tablet screen. The Vallant security camera comes with:

  • One Surveillance Camera
  • One Installation Tools
  • One Camera Holder (if necessary)
  • One Manual


The merits of Vallant camera include the following:

Wireless Connection

The Vallant Security Camera can be linked to a household WiFi network which improves accessibility from anywhere while doing away with the need for wires.


Further proving the camera’s inclusivity is that it works flawlessly with both Apple and Android devices.

Motion Tracking Feature

Its motion tracking feature helps to keep track of objects’ current motions. People might use this significant knowledge to try to identify an intruder.

Excellent Night Vision Feature

The Vallant Security Camera can record images of objects in dim or no light. In other words, it features a night vision capability that makes it possible to take clear pictures in any lighting.

Coverage Guarantee

The phone app enables 360-degree left, right, up, and down camera rotation to guarantee that the coverage is not jeopardized.

Smart Technology

The way the camera is configured shows a unique technology is involved because nobody needs to worry if there is a power loss. After all, the security camera will reconnect immediately.

Data Encryption

The admin alone can examine the recordings because others do not have access to it.

Voice Intercom

The voice intercom makes it possible for users of this security camera to listen and speak with persons outside.

Storage Capacity

In terms of storage, the Vallant Security Camera contains a 64GB SD card slot. Thus a monthly storage plan is not required. Users can quickly delete feeds from regular days if they need additional space.

The Camera Is Used Inside and Outside.

The Vallant Security Camera is made to be used both indoors and outdoors for various weather conditions, although one has to be careful it is not exposed to rain.

No Need for a Battery

What makes Vallant so appealing is that it does not require batteries, rather, it is charged using a lightbulb outlet.

Easy to Set Up, Even for a Layman

It is very easy to set up, even for a layperson, because it comes with a manual that will give you a guide.

Fast Delivery Time

From when your order is processed, delivery times range from 5-7 business days for those in the USA territory. Every order has tracking information to give you an idea of when your Vallant Security Camera should arrive.



It can only be bought on their website, as this will prevent scammers from exploiting people.

The fast shipping delivery is only available to people in the USA territory.

Where to Purchase the Vallant Security Camera

The official website is the only place to purchase the Vallant Security Camera. There are a few different packages available on this website, but the biggest perk is that first-time buyers can receive a 50% discount on their orders.

Users can apply for the number of vallant cameras they want on the official website with their contact and shipping details to begin a purchase, which will bring them to the ordering page. Users of this website can install 1–10 security cameras, allowing them to secure various parts of their house or place of business.

Prices of the Vallant Security Camera:

  • One security camera costs $46.00
  • Two security cameras cost $92.00
  • Three security cameras cost $117.00
  • Four security cameras cost $156.00
  • Five security cameras cost $195.00
  • Ten security cameras cost $290.00

For orders of one or two security cameras, the total shipping cost is a fixed fee of $7.95. US shipping is free for purchases of three cameras or more.

Return Policy

The Vallant Security Camera comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The user may return the item for a complete refund if they discover it does not meet their home or place of business demands. For the number and emails to contact for the return policy, you can check their website at https://vallantsecuritycamera.com/#/en/main/US.


You do not need to panic as to who came suspiciously around your house or office. Your needs are being met by Vallant Security Camera. Visit their website right now to give it a try.


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