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B.C. dentist banned from sedating patients, fined $25K following 2nd misconduct probe

First misconduct case led to brain injury for sedated patient
Dr. Bobby (Bob) Rishiraj has been permanently banned for providing sedation services in B.C. (Kamloops This Week)

A Kamloops dentist has been permanently banned from providing sedation services and fined $25,000 following an investigation into his practice.

In a ruling issued by the College of Dental Surgeons of B.C., Dr. Bobby (Bob) Rishiraj is a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery and operates the Kamloops Oral Surgery and Implant Centre.

The investigation began in April 2019 after the college’s Sedation and General Anesthesia Services Committee informed the college that “deficiencies” were found during a facility inspection.

In June 2019, Rishiraj agreed not to provide any sedation at his office until the investigation was complete.

In 2021, Rishiraj admitted to professional misconduct in providing sedation services at his office when it was not in compliance with the college’s standards and guidelines.

Rishiraj admitted that he did not maintain adequate sedation records for his patients, perform and record pre-operative assessments, record the patients level of consciousness, maintain the medication and equipment in the office’s emergency mobile card, ensure that staff that assisted with sedation were trained and qualified to do so, conduct emergency drills as required and adequately store and log restricted drugs.

This is Rishiraj’s second time being disciplined by the college. In 2015, he was found to be operating in contravention of the college’s sedation policies in a case that involved a patient who went into cardiac arrest after having her wisdom teeth removed under deep sedation. The patient suffered a severe brain injury as a result.

In that case, Rishiraj was fined $50,000, had to pay costs of $50,891, was suspended from practicing for three months and for the five years following had restrictions placed on his sedation services.

Following the second disciplinary issue in 2019, Rishiraj is permanently banned from providing sedation services anywhere in B.C., cannot act as operator or director or make management decisions for any facility that provides sedation, must pay a fine of $25,000, costs of $4,000 and has received a formal reprimand of the college.


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