Canyon travel website turns 10

Connect Media celebrates the milestone with a complete redesign

This spring marks the 10th anniversary of

Connect Media is celebrating the milestone with a complete redesign of the website, which will be officially launched on April 1.

“In the past 10 years has built up a huge following on social media making us the leading regional travel marketing campaign in Western Canada in terms of overall effectiveness in the online world,” said founder Riley Forman.

“ on social media has some of the highest engagement levels in all of the province when compared to other destination marketing campaigns and organizations.”

In 2005, Forman said he received a phone call from Terry Raymond, the current FVRD area director for Boston Bar,  asking if he had any interest in building a website for the Fraser Canyon.

In high school, Forman had made a similar website as a high school project that was called Travel to the Fraser Canyon. However, that website was no longer on the Internet.

“I was not formerly trained in web design as I was currently working as a manager at a Tourism Attraction in Vancouver but decided to see what I could figure out,” said Forman.

“A couple days later I called Terry Raymond back told him I was up for the challenge. Getting funding for such a project then was difficult because it was hard to sell the idea to people that the Internet was an important way to market the tourism industry.”

Forman decided to make a business plan and secure enough sponsorship to cover his costs. He asked 10 businesses in the Fraser Canyon to sponsor the project and all 10 are still sponsoring today.

The new website is now live, however over the next month Forman said they’ll be making some final touch-ups for the 2015 season. He hopes continue to grow and develop the site by providing “appealing and exclusive coverage of the Fraser Canyon.” The website’s mission is to share the Fraser Canyon with the world and serve as an online travel guide for the Fraser and Thompson Canyons, between Hope and Cache Creek.

“The Fraser Canyon experience is a dream for outdoor enthusiasts, our mountains, lakes and rivers will inspire you,” said Forman.