Cell service now active on Highway 3

Cell service now active on Highway 3

A portion of the highway between Hope and Princeton has active cell service, but only along the road

People travelling along Highway 3 now have access to cell service in areas close to the three main communities between Hope and Princeton.

The cell service, which only covers the highway, comes after Telus cellular micro-cells were installed in Sunshine Valley, Manning Park and the East Gate community. The coverage reaches these communities as well as slightly outside them, however not all portions of the highway have reception.

The cell service only covers the highway, allowing those who value the area as a tech-free zone to continue to enjoy it as such.

“We are supportive of bringing cell service along the highway, as many people have safety concerns about driving Highway 3. We are hoping that this will alleviate apprehensions about driving it, because it really is a beautiful, scenic route to take to get to Manning Park Resort,” stated Vern Schram, new general manager of Manning Park Resort.

Schram estimates the coverage extends out 500 metres to either side of the highway and will not extend into the backcountry, so the same warnings apply about being prepared with other means of navigation and reaching emergency services.

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