Firefighters battle house fire in Hope

The cause linked to coffee pot left on a warm stove element

Firefighters tackled a house fire on Tom Berry Road on Sunday.

Neighbours reported seeing smoke coming from the roof of the house at about 3:30 p.m. While waiting for the fire department, they kicked down the door to confirm no one was inside. The owners were away for the day.

When the firefighters arrived on scene, they could see flames shooting from the roof at the back of the house.

“Our crews attacked the fire in the attic from the outside of the house,” said fire chief Tom DeSorcy. “We’re leaning towards the cause being a coffee pot being left on a warm stove element. The fire began in the kitchen and climbed up the wall and just worked its way into finding more fuel in the attic.”

There is smoke and water damage inside the house, however DeSorcy said the roof is still pretty much intact. He pointed out that this is a good reminder for local residents to never leave anything unattended on a stove.