You never know what you'll see along the Rambo First Blood walking tours. (Standard file photo)

Hope Standard’s newest magazine has 101 ideas for fun

Looking for things to do in Hope? From hikes to kites to whitewater rafting, options are endless

The Hope Standard is proud to publish ‘101 Things to See and Do in Hope and Area.’

Whether you’re a longtime resident or someone who is brand new in town, there’s something in these 32 pages for you.

Hope’s greatest gift is its natural beauty — towering mountains, beautiful forests and sparkling rivers, and many of our 101 things are get-outside suggestions. From a short hike to view the wood carvings at Centennial Park to an eight-hour adventure up the side of Mount Frosty in Manning Park, the options are endless.

You can even walk where John Rambo did.

Sylvester Stallone portrayed everyone’s favourite gun-toting fists-first action star in First Blood, which was filmed in Hope in 1981 and released to theatres in 1982. Watch the movie then head to the Hope, Cascades and Canyons Visitor Centre on Water Avenue to grab a walking map that will take you on a tour of filming locations.

Make sure to stop at Memorial Park where a Stallone-approved wood statue of Rambo was unveiled in 2020.

Under the category ‘things you may not have known about,’ were you aware Hope is home to some of the best and varied dining experiences in the Fraser Valley. Whether you want pizza, asian-style cuisine or homestyle cooking there’s something to suit everyone.

If it’s coffee you want, Hope has several cafes and if it’s beer you’re looking for, Mountainview Brewing Co. is a brand-new micro-brewery that opened in November, 2020.

Find this magazine in the May 14 edition of the Hope Standard and it will also be available at key locations around Hope, including gas stations, restaurants and the Hope, Cascades and Canyons Visitor Centre.

The Hope Standard staff had a great time compiling this list for our community. Please continue to share your ideas and experiences with us. Drop in to the office, send us an email or share your idea on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you.


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