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Monday’s top temperature topples record in Agassiz

Temps reached into the low 30s to break records in Agassiz, Environment Canada says

Summer heat scorched through Agassiz on Monday, leaving a new record high in its wake.

According to Environment Canada, temperatures in Agassiz reached a sweltering 32.5 C, a new record for June 21. The record low remains intact, dropping down to 7.5 C in 2014.

There was a total of 17 June 21 records broken throughout B.C., including in West Vancouver (30.2 C), White Rock (27 C) and Pitt Madows (31.2 C). Lytton was not only the hottest spot in B.C. on June 21 at 36.7 C, but it was also the hottest place in Canada on Monday.

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Agassiz’s been no stranger to record-breaking temperatures on both ends of the spectrum in recent years. In late May 2019, both Terrace and Agassiz broke 95-year-old temperature records with a high of 28.9 C, surpassing the 1924 record of 27.8 C. In Feb. 2019, Agassiz set a cold record of -5.3 C, shattering the 2018 record low of -1.9 C.

The current Agassiz record for Tuesday, June 22, is 32.1 C, which was set in 1992. The record low of the day is 7.2 C, set in 2017.

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