Catherine Wiebe

Catherine Wiebe

New look for hospital

Fraser Canyon Hospital’s emergency entrance is going to be safer and more efficient, according to Catherine Wiebe.

The site director at the hospital, Wiebe led a large delegation of dignitaries on a tour of the new renovations.

“It’s been a lot of work … the staff have been really patient and are thrilled with the improvements,” said Wiebe.

Before the renovations, there was no way to control who came in and out of the hospital in the late evenings.

Now that security doors, a new entrance way and other features have been added, conditions will be even better for patients and doctors.

“Staff are now better able to help patients, rather than provide traffic control.”

Heather Cook,executive director of the hospital said staff embraced the new project and even offered input on how it should be designed.

MLA Barry Penner was on hand, calling the hospital improvements a good cause.

“It reinforces to people in the community that this hospital will be here for a long time,” said Penner.

That has been an ongoing fear for some citizens.

“Over the years we’ve had concerns that the hospital was not supported by Fraser Health,” said Hope Mayor Laurie French.

He called it a well-run community hospital that also serves the needs of visitors and the surrounding area.