Police nab thief through Craigslist

A 20-year-old Hope man admits to stealing tires and wheels from Gardner GM

A Craigslist ad has helped Hope RCMP retrieve stolen property from Gardner GM.

On April 9, police investigated the overnight theft of four tires and wheels off two brand new vehicles on the lot. The stolen items were estimated to be worth over $4,000.

An officer found a Craigslist ad on Sunday with the same type of tires and wheels for sale in Hope. The RCMP orchestrated a meeting with the seller Tuesday and determined that they were indeed the stolen tires from Gardner’s. A 20-year-old Hope man was arrested and he later admitted to stealing the items.

“Craigslist can be a great place for the public to acquire items that they need, however, it is also an easy way for the criminal-minded to flog stolen items,” said Cpl. Jeff Bowerman. “Police are quite aware of this method and we are actively monitoring sites such as Craigslist to locate stolen items.”

The wheels and tires were returned to Gardner’s and the man will be referred to the Restorative Justice Program, which is an extension of the criminal justice system.