Go By Bike Week in Chilliwack runs May 30 to June 5, 2022. (Cycle Chilliwack)

Go By Bike Week in Chilliwack runs May 30 to June 5, 2022. (Cycle Chilliwack)

Rising gas prices may convince Chilliwack cyclists to sign up for Go By Bike week 2022

‘We’re really focusing on the idea that any trip counts,’ says Cycle Chilliwack co-chair about 2022

The rising price of gas may convince some to leave their cars at home and cycle for Go By Bike BC Week.

Cycle Chilliwack Co-Chairs Janice Balakshin, Jennifer Douglas and David Swankey are hoping to build on last year’s success with this year’s Go By Bike Week, May 30 to June 5.

“It was extremely rewarding to see so many riders of all ages participating in Chilliwack last year,” said Balakshin. “We have every expectation that we’ll continue to see growth this year.”

Any trip by bicycle adds up. Those registered for 2022 will be logging their kilometres biked to win prizes, as either individuals or in teams.

“We’re really focusing on the idea that any trip counts,” Swankey said. “For many, biking to work or to school will be the goal, but hopping on your bike, your scooter, or any other form of active transportation to go to the park, the library, or just for fun is also part of it.”

Will the skyrocketing price of fuel be a factor this year?

For some, it may be, Swankey replied.

Go By Bike Week has a long history of bringing communities together to promote health, wellness, sustainability and of course biking.

“If you haven’t taken the opportunity to explore our community on bicycle, Go By Bike Week provides the motivation to try out some of the cycling trails and protected street corridors,” said Douglas. “There are routes suitable for all range of ages and abilities across our beautiful city.”

“Getting around on smaller wheels like scooters and rollerblades counts, too!” according to Cycle ..taking the bus part way, or carpooling halfway, or using a car for a portion of a long commute, as well!”

Initially launched in 1995 as Bike to Work Week the program has continued to evolve and expand with local sponsors coming on-board. The effort to encourage individuals and families to be more active, and to drive less is the recurrent theme.

Follow the local advocacy group @CycleChilliwack on Facebook and Instagram to participate or get details, or visit www.gobybikebc.ca/chilliwack to register. There are both local and provincial prizes to be won, like a self-guided bike trip to the Netherlands, or biking gear.

For more details email cyclechilliwack@gmail.com

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