That’s Not a Freight Train; it’s a Semi-Truck Failing to Slow Down and Move Over

Recent campaigning by officials has been met with little success, as a new attempt to create awareness around road safety issues has begun.

Imagine standing on the side of Highway 1 as a Semi-Truck blows by you within feet, travelling over 100 Km/hr. This is what roadside workers experience everyday while doing their job to protect British Columbians and improve B.C. roads.

RCMP Traffic Services members from Port Mann, Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver IRSU participated in Operation Shield an enforcement operation to remind drivers of the Slow Down, Move Over legislation.

This effort was initiated after several near misses reported over the last few months from the field and even a few crashes. Luckily no one was seriously injured or killed.

The legislation was amended in January of this year to include all official vehicles.

If you see red, blue or yellow flashing lights, you must slow down and move over when safe.

A driver must slow to 70 km/hr when travelling in a speed zone 80 km/hr or greater. If the speed limit is less than 80 km/hr, you must slow to 40 km/hr.

“Making a safe lane change to move over is easy if you are looking ahead and paying attention,” said Cpl. Rempel of BC RCMP Traffic Services.

During Operation Shield, officers issued over 30 violation tickets and a $173 fine with 3 penalty points.

Officers observed numerous trucks failing to slow down to the 70 km/hr and move over.

With the sheer weight of these vehicles, a crash would most likely be fatal for the officer and the driver who was stopped.

“Drivers of passenger vehicles were also guilty of the same offense, some passing the fully marked police vehicle at speeds greater than 100 km/hr,” she said.

Over a ten year period, 235 roadside workers have been injured and 15 have been killed.

“We are reminding motorists to slow down and move over for all official vehicles — roadside workers need B.C. drivers to be the protectors now.