Alexandra park left in a deplorable state

I have always taken the greatest pride in stating that I am a resident of the Fraser Canyon since birth...until this weekend that is and my pride faltered!

Editor: The Standard

I have always taken the greatest pride in stating that I am a resident of the Fraser Canyon since birth…until this weekend that is and my pride faltered! I was told something I could not believe until I saw it with my own eyes. Thus precipitated my trip to Alexandra Park.

I arrived to find it was all true…The park was barricaded off. There were cars parked all along the edge of the highway. Then I checked the park across the road which was not barricaded off and found it to be an utter garbage dump! I was sad, hurt and horrified. But as I continued to look around, I then became angry, because I thought of how many times I, as a local volunteer had sent people there. I had also heard many of the local businesses sending people to see one our local, historical prides, Alexandra Bridge.

We have some extremely wonderful businesses through the Fraser Canyon that do their best in promoting the Fraser Canyon corridor (Yale Heritage Site, Fraser River Rafting. Hell’s Gate Air tram to name a few) and I cannot feel anything but sympathy for them as they all as they try their best to promote business for the Fraser Canyon… only to be met with this type of total disregard for our beautiful parks.

I would like you to reflect on a few thoughts.

No. 1. You have just taken your family to see a wonderful piece of history and you arrive to find it barricaded off. You park you car on the side of the Trans Canada Highway and start to get your family out, only to find your family in danger of cars traveling very fast and extremely close to where your family is standing. Thus you decide to cross that busy highway to get to a section of the park that has not been barricaded only to find it is utterly filthy with trash! Are you happy?

No. 2. You are a local business in the Fraser Canyon. You run a very customer friendly business. You have just sent some very nice tourists to see our wonderful bridge and park. They return to tell you they are totally insulted that you would send them there. Are you happy?

After reading my concerns and reflecting upon them, I think they should then become your concerns.

Start to ask yourself, “Why is is this park still barricaded off on Easter weekend and why is part of it in such a deplorable state. And what can be done to remedy this situation.”

Lorelie Michaud