Another successful gardening year in Hope

Community garden members were were able to donate 10 times the veggies

I hope you had a good and relaxing summer and a successful gardening year.

With all your help and support it was a good year for the community garden.The watering plan worked well. We were able to donate 10 times the veggies (peas, onions, beans, zucchinis, carrots, broccoli, kale and kohlrabi) to the food bank.

Thank you members for all your help, especially to Bob who was mowing the grass all summer long, and to Ruth, Scotti and Emily who helped harvesting veggies for the food bank almost every Wednesday.

Emil Anderson and the Ministry of Transportation are coming in the first week of October to do some work. Please clean up your plot before winter. If you want to stick with your plot next year, you could plant garlic or corn lettuce or leave your kale over the winter in the ground.

Esther Brysch, garden coordinator