Be wary of environmentalists

Converting everything to natural gas would put even more people out of work

Re: Science loses ground to superstition, B.C. Views (Oct. 3)

After reading Tom Fletcher’s fairy tale on how all environmentalists are superstitious, I can’t imagine why he’d pick on the people that would lay down in front of a steamroller for his grandchildren.

Obviously, we’ve all been duped. There’s no air pollution, our fish stocks are just amazing, and the Atlantic salmon, there’s more than ever, they’re just hiding.

All those major oil spills, it’s actually good for the environment, keeps the fish oily, and quit worrying about treating the sewer, it cleans the oil off the fish.

Now, because of David Suzuki whining about air pollution, we have cleaner burning fuels, putting good Hazmat people out of work.

What’s next? Convert everything to natural gas and put even more of them out of work.

I tell you, if it were up to me, there’d be a six-month bounty on environmentalists, twice a year.

Art Green,