Bridge project seems abandoned

Suckers Creek Bridge is still incomplete, and seemingly abandoned

I would like to thank all the taxpayers in Hope for their assistance in paying for the new Suckers Creek Bridge, which services Thacker Mountain subdivision and Union Bar Road. However, if a few of you could write letters to the district administration to have it completed, it would be appreciated.

I did send an email to the district office inquiring as to whether there was a non-completion clause in Jake`s Construction contract. I did not receive the courtesy of a reply, but they did change the completion date on the signage from April 30/13 to July 30/13. (There are probably many contractors that would like to have their “non-performance bonds” re-instated,  by just changing the dates on their signs.)

I have occasion to cross the bridge most days, sometimes several times, and at this time the project is incomplete, and seemingly abandoned.

There is still a fair amount of work to be done, and, if the current “non -progress” is any indication, it won’t be finished by July either. They may have to change the signs again!

Ray Green,