Brigade Days weekend was successful

Thanks to all the volunteers and sunshine

Hope is a wonderful place and the Brigade Days weekend was great.

Thanks to all the volunteers and sunshine.

• Ball was reinstated in Hope thanks to Jeff Smith and Tammy Shields

• The Musical Ride took place thanks to Staff Sgt. Suki Manj (not many towns get this honour)

• Had the salmon barbecue three times – thanks Rod for cooking it over maple, a healthy food

• Ken James Saloon was in a great location, you were able to see many of the events from there

• 300+ people showed up to the Briggie Ball until 2 a.m.

• 25 cars entered the demo derby, which was a great show

• The 4×4 races got lots of cheers.

Thanks to president Michael Kropp. We can all find fault, but let’s look for the good – there was lots.

On a side note, regarding the 7th Avenue/Kawkawa Lake Road four-way stop, remember Tillicum Centre is there.

While driving along Kawkawa Lake Road, make sure to stop by Sucker’s Creek as the salmon have arrived.

Dick Gardner,