Canadian Senate needs to be abolished

This system is undemocratic and completely unnecessary

Much is being made right now in the national media about the controversies surrounding several members of the “appointed” Senate.

Some people are right now stating that it is overdue that the Senate be abolished. These people are only about 30 years behind the times.

The federal NDP made this one of their central issues back in 1984. I know, because I was the federal NDP candidate in Niagara Falls. We had two central issues that we were instructed to comment on at every opportunity.

One issue was the illogical fact that retired MP’s received large pensions after only eight years in service. Their pensions should be geared to  the number of years of service, much like it is in all other sectors of society. We were ignored on this issue.

The second issue was a call for the complete elimination of the unelected Senate. Everyone knows that the Canadian Senate is copied after the old British “House of Lords,” where wealthy individuals are rewarded for their loyal service to the governing party. This patronage system is funded totally by the taxpayers of Canada. We felt then, and I feel now, that this system is undemocratic, completely unnecessary and should be eliminated immediately.

In 1984, despite the fact that we made this a central issue across Canada, the national media ignored us and therefore- the local media across the country ignored us. I recall going on the local radio station and focused on this Senate issue. The radio moderator did his best to cut me off and to switch the conversation to other issues.

Now, all of a sudden, everyone and their cousins are jumping on the bandwagon. Where were these people 29 years ago?

It seems that the NDP (as they often are) were 30 years beyond the times

Once the national media and local media begin to catch up with the NDP, they may just discover a revelation – that the NDP can be looked at as an entity that indeed does predict the future for the betterment of us all.

Are we now going to wait another 30 years before anything is done on this issue?

Dick Harrington