Community centre programs need local support

That people of Hope should appreciate the work of employees and volunteers

We moved to Hope about  20 years ago from Vancouver. Our many friends visiting us from Canada and the U.S.A. always admire our town, the nature and tourism in surrounding area. We especially receive a lot of compliments of the social activities and services available.

Many of the visitors are missing such services in area where they are living. In particular, the community centre of Hope. It is the place where people from our town can practice many sports, cultural actives, etc. One of the last of these mentioned (very well organized) actions was the free Halloween party for children in the centre.

Unfortunately, only a few children came to enjoy this program which was so well prepared by all the staff of the centre and volunteers of the centre and volunteers. I would like to stress here, that people of Hope should more appreciate the work of employees and volunteers at the centre, and should come be a part of these activities and programs organized for them in the future.

Vera and Rudy Mastalyr,