Council’s ‘unethical spending’

Reader questions why tax money is going towards reimbursement of travel costs for spouses and partners

Recently there have been letters in the paper addressing the high property taxes and especially the high increase from last year. That prompted me to look into spending. After a few Internet searches I came across something that I think is unethical spending by council.

In the District of Hope minutes of a special council meeting dated Sept. 20, 2012, there is an item 3(a), Travel Expenses for Council and Spouses. It was moved and carried:

“That council be reimbursed for the following travel costs for the spouses and partners during the 2012 UBCM Convention: specifically, welcome reception, banquet, ferry, and marginal hotel fee for the additional person.”

Is our tax money going to fund a nice holiday for the “spouses and partners” of the council? There is another UBCM¬†Convention¬†Sept. 16-20 and it will be very interesting to see if we (Hope taxpayers), pay again for them. What really surprised me is that there was not a single objection to this from any council member.

I found that information in a few minutes of searching the council minutes.

I wonder what else we’ll find if taxpayers dig a bit deeper?

Linda Kaji