District needs to maintain sidewalk safety

Are we going to wait until someone is seriously injured, or killed, before resolving this problem?

I have become increasingly troubled with the associated dangers of inadequate snow and ice removal from sidewalks in the District of Hope.

My recollection of earlier years is that the district maintained the sidewalks, which are part of the road allowance, along with the roads. They did a very good job including working graveyard shifts, when necessary to accomplish this.

My understanding is that the district now requires property owners to clear the sidewalks adjoining their properties. What’s coming next with continually increasing property taxes and cutbacks … that property owners will be responsible for clearing snow from half of the road in front of their properties?

Consistent sidewalk clearing is obviously not being accomplished, especially noting the sidewalks around the schools in town. Nor should it be expected from home and property owners, many who might be absent, ill, elderly, working  and otherwise unable or unwilling to accept liability to adequately maintain district property.

Winter driving conditions are hazardous enough without forcing pedestrians to the roadways because the sidewalks are impassable. Often pedestrians are very young, elderly or disabled and do not have the protection of armor like a motorist.

Are we going to wait until someone is seriously injured, or killed , before resolving this problem?

I say no, and that it logically should be the district’s responsibility to maintain sidewalk safety, as a priority, along with road maintenance.

Don Garrett,

Hope, B.C.