District of Hope page appreciated

Summary helps keep voters informed in counci's activities

I’d like to extend my appreciation of the monthly district summary in The Hope Standard.  I find it meets my, and I am sure many other voters, interest in councils activities.

Also, a personal thanks for the four-way stop on Kawkawa Lake Road and Seventh Avenue. I always found it a bit risky navigating onto Kawkawa Lake Road as most drivers were moving too fast going west, as the hill was (as noted) a real blind spot.

Big thanks for the Wi-Fi improvement!  I recently posted an article on one of the Hope Facebook pages about a town in Alberta that has gone “big” on internet speed for all residents and to attract business:  http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/07/18/olds-o-net-fibre-optic-internet_n_3619197.html Something council may wish to pursue.

Again, thanks for keeping us informed. Oh, and about those taxes…

Stan Kirkpatrick,