Federal government needs to help Canadians rise out of poverty first

Money spent on refugees around the world could be spent on Canadians who depend on food banks and cold weather shelters

When are our politicians going to get it right?

Our head honcho, who is trying to copy Santa Claus, is a couple weeks late in giving away $100 million to help the refugees in Jordan out of the public purse.

But what is wrong with this scenario? First of all, why are all those Syrian refugees in the Jordan desert refugee camp in the first place? The sad fact is that their own head honcho was killing his own people with chemical weapons.

Secondly, why is our head honcho not spending a $100 million to help the Canadian people who have to depend on food banks for their daily bread not to even mention the ones who call cold weather shelters a home because of the high cost of living in Canada. Better yet, it is a well-known fact that the party our head honcho leads is one of the best fundraising organizations in Canada. Why not use some of those funds to build some affordable housing for Canadians in need? Furthermore, why not use at least some of the money our government is spending on the Canada Action Plan ads for something useful like trying to fix our health care system.

I am not knocking his trying to help the refugees all over the world, but help your own people to rise out of poverty first.

Personally, I am getting tired of trying to tell the our leaders what some of our population is facing from our government’s mismanagement of our tax dollars.

Yukon Eric Holopainen,

Hope, B.C.