Fire victim appreciates community support

Luke Molnar thanks the people who helped him get through the difficult time

In regards to the local fire we recently had, I would like to thank my mom, Frank, Cassidy, Campbell, Kevin Thorburn, Ron Meulman, Sat Grewal and my entire Nestle Waters family – Glen McDonald, Sharlene Hinds, Ian Ross and family, Kent Loupret, Mary Loupret, Pat Besse, Eric Madsen, Jill and Chris Carey, and TJ Smith.

I would also like to thank the hockey boys, Steve Link and family, Glenn Wejr and family, Peter and Justin Sherle, Sharon and Steve Harvey, Watson Rd. Elementary, Future Shop, Sarah and Justin Payne, Rick and Linda Limb, Eron and Candice Couch, Brad and Laurel Loring, Peter and Linda Bailey, Kathy Koopman, Ashley and Curtis Limb, Brian and Lindsay Druet, Bud and Wanda Prest, Greg and Wendy McDonald, Grant and Colleen Haines, Shay Haines, James Roksa, Sue and the Hope Medical Clinic, Crystal Fishbrook and family, Joe and Maria Ameral, the local fire department, everybody on Facebook, Wade Brind, Heather Dewar, Gwen Mahoney, the Legion and the many others that helped me get through this difficult time.

Words can’t describe what all of you mean to me. All I can do is say thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Luke Molnar,

Hope, B.C.