Hope council resembles a Russia of old?

One man's opinion on an evening at a Hope council meeting

I attended a council meeting last week in Hope, where about 25 taxpayers were in attendance. Ralph Sullivan a great guy, had some concerns he wished to address at council.

I felt like I was in Russia. The Comrade Mayor Vicktor wouldn’t let him speak or make a presentation during council, instead he offered a potential slot after the meeting, provided it was not too late.

I was mad and said a few things I wanted to such as “Fire the Chief — if he can’t do his job.”

My brother Bud and I were in the business for 50 years and let three or four people go in that time for not living up to their duties — His Worship kicked me out of the meeting, so I went out in the hall and continued my rant.

This is not a dictatorship, why not let Ralph speak?

I would like to apologize to those present and to Scott for my language and a couple of slips — so sorry. I have been kicked out of a lot better places than this (ha!)

I understand the Mayor let Ralph hand out a petition to council — I wonder how many read it or even care. There are some very good councillors who are concerned. Too bad Doc Bob and Dusty were absent, I have heard they are on Mr. Sullivan’s side.

PS – Till next time say cheese

PS – I am campaigning for Donald Trump to be mayor if he loses the U.S.A presidency.

Yours truly,

Comrade Dick