Hope is slowly dying of neglect

We will be nothing more than a satellite community of Chilliwack

What is going on with the community of Hope?

Where are all the occasion events?

How are we supposed to pull together as a community if we do not even have those events that facilitate community involvement?

It seems every year there are less events. I know that we need volunteers for said events but, once again, I do not see the advertising needed to encourage people to volunteer to fill these voids.

If we cannot even do that much as a community we will be lost as a township. There will be nothing left for people to look forward to, encouraging even more people to seek these things out of town. Pretty soon all that will be left is basic needs and thoroughfare needs for travellers leaving a shell of a community — no feeling of being a part of a bigger family.

We will be nothing more than a satellite community of Chilliwack.

What’s next? The loss of our grocery stores and our banks? Will we all need to drive to Chilliwack for everything outside of basic needs?

It’s sad to watch this town slowly die of neglect.

Kathi Marshall