Hope Secondary Grade 9 slam poetry: Family

Hope Secondary Grade 9 slam poetry: Family

Is your family big?

Like my family?

Well maybe but…

There’s something special about mine.

They’re always there for me,

When I need someone to talk to,

When I need help with homework,

When I’m feeling sad,

They ask why and say,

It’s going to be better,

That’s something special.

Big family dinners,

Everyone gets together,

Mom does all the cooking…sometimes we help,

Juicy Christmas turkey,

Volcano of mashed potatoes with gravy,

Veggies on the side,

Everyone’s talking,

Everyone’s laughing,

Everyone coming together, at a…



Family dinner.

That’s something special.

Trips to the lake,

Unorganized chaos of towels, food, drinks, tubes,

We find our spot on the beach,

Lying on the rocks,

Swimming in the water,

When we get home, we build a fire,

Roast marshmallows slowly till it’s golden,

Talk until we see the stars,

That’s something special.

Is your family big?

Like my family?

Are they there for you?

Do you have big family dinners?

Do you go to the lake together?

This is a family who cares,

My family,

They’re something special.

– Sid Laramee

The Hope Standard will be sharing slam poetry written by students in Hope Secondary’s Grade 9 Humanities class, led by teachers Maya Araki-Hoshowski and Kim Hollman, over the next month.