Hope Station House silent auction was a success

Of the 50 people asked I am happy to say 49 donated from the heart

I would like to congratulate our Hope Station House fundraising committee for another completely successful silent auction.

We would like to thank all of the merchants, businesses, and residents of Hope and area that gave generously from the heart to make it a success. Of the 50 or so places that we canvassed, we would like to say we had a positive response from nearly all of them.

Each year when we do our drive, we run across a couple of small businesses that feel that they can’t give because of the downturn in the economy, or private reasons, or other reasons for their business being slow. If they would let the people of Hope and area know, their businesses would probably turn around.

This year, of the 50 people asked I am happy to say 49 donated from the heart, that is a passing grade of 98 per cent from the merchants, businesses and residents of Hope and area. Keep up the good work with Station House, for we would like to see all of the people from Hope and area come out and enjoy this great building.

Deryck Forest